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Koch Core Values

Decision Making and Judgement

  • Use good judgement and make smart decisions regardless of ambiguity.
  • When you see an issue, point out the solution, not the problem.
  • Avoid band-aids. Find the root cause to the problem, without offering excuses.
  • Think smarter, not harder. (What can be done at 100% now; what can be done at 80% and improved later; what can you automate and what can you not?)


  • Listen before you react.
  • Ask questions if you are unsure about a project or task.
  • Follow-up—don’t wait for someone to fail.
  • Be the better person, even if you have a conflict.


  • Be proud of your work.
  • Do not submit half-baked ideas when the expectation of work quality is 80-100%.
  • Be consistent with your performance each day, each week, and each month.
  • Focus on results—benchmark against yourself.
  • Avoid analysis-paralysis: don’t overthink things. You will lose every time.


  • Challenge our current brand where warranted.
  • Bring new ideas to lift our brand.
  • Get as much from Koch as we get from you—you get what you give.
  • Innovation is rewarded and recognized. Stay at the forefront of your profession.


  • Learn quickly, and be curious about our market, our customers, and the Koch business.
  • Care about Koch beyond your role. This will allow you to contribute more.
  • Be passionate about your work. It will inspire passion for Koch in others.
  • Care more about your department than anyone on our team. Be the expert in your field.
  • Take a break when warranted and earned. Burning out will lead to poor performance.


  • Do not be afraid to take smart risks.
  • Say what you think, even if you think it may not be a popular opinion.
  • Question your actions: if it goes against our values, goals, and objectives, then do not do it.


  • Be honest, clear, and direct.
  • Say what you believe: no one will hold the truth against you.
  • Address issues with coworkers directly instead of through the manager.
  • Admit your mistakes quickly—you will be respected for your honesty. If you don’t, we will find out.


  • Leave your ego at the door when it comes to ideas: we want the best ideas, regardless who thinks of it.
  • Share your information openly: key-people eventually become bottle-necks.
  • Do not be selfish: your goal is to do what is best for your team, not for yourself.
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